Shilpa Ray signs to Northern Spy, announces new LP

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Experimental Brooklyn-based record label, Northern Spy, has just announced a two-record deal with punk stalwart (and always great for photos) Shilpa Ray. While it might not have been seen coming, the pairing seems to be an almost ideal fit for both the harmonium shredding singer/songwriter, and the burgeoning label/studio/all-around supporter of the arts. Though an exact date has yet to be announced, Shilpa Ray will release Last Year’s Savage, the full-length a follow up to this year’s It’s All Self Fellatio EP in the coming year. You can watch a video of the first single from the album, “Nocturnal Emissions”, over at the Week In Pop.

Shilpa also recently performed two singles from the upcoming record on the Chris Gethard Show. You can watch her perform “Johnny Thunders’ Fantasy Space Camp” in the video below, or head over to Blip to watch the full episode.