M’lady’s Records Offers Discount Based on Wage Disparity

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M’lady’s Records, the Portland-based label that is home to acts such as Grass Widow, Le Tigre, and Hysterics, has announced that mailorders placed by women living in America will now be 77% of the listed price. 77% reflects the current wage gap for full-time workers nationwide as reported by the Bureau of Labor Department of Statistics. With the exception of FWOAH (Friends of Worshipfull Order of Ancient Headcoats) subscriptions and any custom runs of turntables or 7″ storage boxes by RM Woodworking, female customers will be refunded 23% of the pre-shipping price. Regarding the decision, the label explained,

That 77% has been hotly contested in the press, and we’re not citing it as a figure etched in stone, but it seems like a good place to start. Real progress would be this pricing scheme applied to the grocery store or the utility companies, but since we don’t run any of those, we’ll just stay here in our insane asylum and keep this going until either that number goes up significantly (like, say, to 100%) or we go down in flames (much more likely.)

The Equal Pay act was passed in 1963. It’s now 2015.

They also added that “dudebros that grouse about this will have to pay double.” Hell yeah.

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