Mt St Mtn to release Burnt Ones & The Mallard split 7″

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Burnt Ones

The Burnt Ones/The Mallard split 7″ on Mt. St. Mtn. offers up the ghost of San Francisco punk's past and a glimpse into its future. The past comes in the form of an unexpected remnant from the lifespan of Greer McGettrick's The Mallard project, which broke up last year before the release of Finding Meaning In Deference on Castleface. Meanwhile Burnt Ones represent the future of the label, as the glam-rock three-piece just released its third album, Gift, last month.

From the Burnt Ones side comes “Glass Dream R.I.P.s”, a glammy, humdinger with ghoulish bells and whistles that flesh out the three-piece beyond their respective instruments. Unhinged and tattered, “Glass Dream R.I.P.s” is an esoteric eulogy to an inside joke and Burnt Ones are intent to keep the details buried beneath the scuzzy reverb.

The Burnt Ones/The Mallard split 7″ is out May 6 on Mt. St. Mtn.