New releases in loving memory of Ariel Panero

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Ariel Panero

In memory of their late friend and label partner, Ariel Panero, Famous Class has been releasing a series of 7”s. Ariel Panero threw the Less Artists More Condo's shows, designed to reveal worthy bands that didn't get the attention they deserved. Famous Class is carrying on Ariel Panero's vision with their Less Artists More Condo's releases, and the two newest releases definitely are something to be excited about. January 22 marked the fifth release in the series. It features Hunx and Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls, and can be purchased here.

Hunx's “I Won't Tell if You Won't Tell” is a chiming surf pop anthem It delivers the bleak and salty wistfulness that seems to haunt California and those who have ever called the West Coast a home. Cassie Ramone's “I Don't Really Want to Go” is gloomy and desolate in the sweetest way possible. As an acoustic ballad, the track is catchy and heart-rending. It's hard not to fall in love with Cassie Ramone's voice.

All proceeds for the Less Artists More Condo's 7” releases go to the Ariel Panero VH1 Save The Music Foundation. For those of you who pirate music (yes, you), this is a great time to redeem yourself. Spend your cold cash where it really matters and earn some major karma points with the universe.