Northside Festival moves upcoming showcases from Black Bear Bar

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Northside 2016

After this weekend’s “NYC Oi Fest” fiasco, in which the alleged racist skinhead music festival went down at Black Bear Bar and Santos Party Haus, the Northside Festival announced that upcoming showcases featuring Cypher League, Elephess, Pancakes & Whiskey, and Cigar City Management are being relocated from Williamsburg’s Black Bear Bar to yet-to-be-determined venues.

“Northside Festival celebrates the diversity of Brooklyn and hopes that all feel welcome at our shows,” the organization posted on their website.

Though the bar canceled Sunday’s performances due to feverish backlash from Williamsburg residents and anti-racism groups, the damage was done with the Saturday show.

A Williamsburg resident speaking with the Brooklyn Paper noted “around 250 skinheads” showed up to the festival. NYC Antifascist Action group posted video from the event on their YouTube page, which showed attendees apparently doing a sieg heil Nazi Salute.

The venue initially tried to defend the event on their Facebook page, posting pictures of people of color in the audience. Soon after, they reportedly made another post saying they didn’t know the nature of the event. Both posts have since been deleted.

Regardless of their prior knowledge, the venue seems to be paying the price for the controversial event. The Northside Festival will release information on the new venues on their schedule page, and in an upcoming phone app for the festival.