The Nth Power Talks Harnessing Their Power, Wants You To Be Involved In Their Next Project (& You Can Be!)

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The Nth Power is doing something really exciting with their new music by involving their fans. As a response to various requests for recorded music that demonstrates the unique charisma and facets of their live performance, they’ve come up with a brilliant idea to fully incorporate those requests into their next recorded art. They’ve crafted a collection of new songs, and will be recording them live in a series of intimate sessions in Boston and Brooklyn. Tickets are limited, so you’ll want to nab those pretty quickly.

We caught up with female lead and drummer for the band, Nikki Glaspie about the project, and caught a little background on the band.

Where did the band name “The Nth Power” come from?

When we started, all of our names started with N (Nigel, Nikki, Nate, & Nick). We try to harness all of the power we have individually into a big mass of love to give to the people. I mean, what’s in a name? The Nth Power is also a mathematical reference, which to us represents an exponential possibility.  

What do you want people to take from your music?

Love, healing, encouragement, the feeling of happiness, hope, restoration, weightlessness… whatever they need to take away. 

Have you encountered any challenges while creating your newest collection of songs?

Not really. I guess making the adjustment to entering a different creative space away from the stage. 

What’s your favorite part of creating music?

I can’t really say what is my favorite because there are so many things that are my favorite. Hahaha. Listening to ideas fly by. Molding the ideas. Turning the ideas like a rubix cube. Writing 10 songs in 1.

Since becoming “The Nth Power,” what has been your favorite musical moment?

It changes constantly because it always happening. I’m blessed to play with some of the baddest and most beautiful people in the world. Where I sit today, I would say it was the Earth Wind and Power show we did in Nola for Jazzfest (April 28, 2016). We paid tribute to EWF with Oteil & Kofi Burbridge,  Jennifer Hartswick, Skerik, James Casey, Natalie Cressman, Farnell Newton and Ian Neville. It was one of the greatest musical moments of our career. 

Who is your favorite superhero?

Superman. Easy. He’s stronger than you, he’s faster than you, he has better vision than you and he’s just better than you. 

Tell me what you’re most excited about for this live recording session. Can you give us a sneak peak at what’s in store for Brooklyn? 

I’m excited to feel the energy in the room and share what we have created. We have new songs for Brooklyn. 

Bandmate Nick Cassarino elaborated: For the live recording I am most excited to turn the page and open a new chapter musically.   These are trying, violent times in our country and we are writing music to reflect all sides of that:  the pain people feel, and the peace we try to bring through love.   I feel, as we have been preparing for this recording, that this is a further unveiling of The Nth Power’s true sound honed in on another level lyrically and musically.   We are happy.  

For Brooklyn the plan is to play the New music as well as take an acoustic approach to some of the older songs.  

Tickets for Friday, July 29th in Boston 
Tickets for Saturday, July 30th in Boston
Tickets for Thursday, August 18th in Brooklyn, NY