Nü Sensae sign to Suicide Squeeze

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Nu Sensae

What are Nü Sensae if not brash and abhorrent? With a busy year behind them—the release of their full length followed by enough touring to deem it “the only thing worth doing”—their never-ending party seems to be getting louder and larger now that Suicide Squeeze Records is invited. The label recently announced that they were signing the duo and plans for another full-length are already under way. Luckily, their DIY preferences will not be cut short, but supported; signing to the label that previously released the Melvins and Elliott Smith, Nü Sensae will have the chance to hone their raw punk aura, rather than replace it. Grimy and raw is their forte and such is clear in their recently released video for “I’m a Body” off of 2010’s TV, Death, and the Devil on Nominal Records. Additionally, check out their blog for some tour tips for n00bz and download “Dust” from Tea Swamp Park below.

Nü Sensae, “Dust”