Oneohtrix Point Never announces “debut” album

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He's come a long way since using one of Nate Dorr's pics (above) from the No Fun Productions show we hosted at Don Pedro's (yes, Oneohtrix Point Never played Don Pedro's) as his press photo. Now, between himself and girlfriend Laurel Halo, Daniel Lopatin is running the electronic game. Just ask Pitchfork, Fader, XLR8R and whomever else started paying attention after he collaborated with Bjork.

Which is why Kemado, a.k.a. Mexican Summer, a.k.a. Software is very pleased to announce his debut album, Replica. Not to be confused with the plethora of cassettes he's already put out, or 2009's Rifts, or 2010's Returnal. This is an album damnit! His first “proper” studio recording.

Replica is set for release on November 8. Until then, just listen to some Ford & Lopatin (another album that was not his debut).

Replica track list:

01 Andro
02 Sleep Dealer
03 Power of Persuasion
04 Remember
05 Replica
06 Nassau
07 Submersible
08 Up
09 Child Soldier
10 Explain