Orange is the Old Punk

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annie golden 80s pastels style sixteen candles

Now two seasons into Orange is the New Black, Jim DeRogatis finally made the ironic connection that Annie Golden, the actress who plays mute inmate Norma Romano is former lead singer of late-70s punk new wavers the Shirts. As DeRogatis noted, the band came up right behind Blondie on the same power pop explosion centered in the Bowery at CBGB. The band's fame level is on “cult status (at best)” but this little tid bit has bar trivia bonus question written all over it.

Bonus points for naming the 1984 movie soundtrack that featured Annie Golden's solo single & biggest hit, “Don't Hang Up the Phone”. If the clothes in the video below didn't already give it away, the answer is Sixteen Candles. Molly Ringwald, eat your heart out.