Post-Materialists, “Moist Rita”

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The song begins with a faded-in single snare. An organ creeps along, tiptoeing around the beat. There is a deep, tunneled voice, ranting, Lynchian, in Russian, presumably, since Post-Materialists are a Moscow collective. The track reminds me of other anti-music like the most anarchistic Ween or the angriest, least sensible Sun City Girls. It's hard to know without asking anything about this band: Do they want you to like this, or are they in the Sir Richard Bishop School Of Not Giving A Fuck? Do they perform this in art galleries, or dirty basements? (Based on the name, I'm guessing art galleries.) “Moist Rita” is “dedicated to a young girl from Ukraine”, but there's nothing romantic about this plodding, muddy ode.

Post Materialists, “Moist Rita”

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