Prince hasn't aged a day, neither has his music

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Until this morning the only Prince news of worth to me was that he'd rented out the IMAX in Sacramento and was reportedly dating a woman from my city. For a month I was on alert for a little androgynous man in a frilly blouse, hoping that I might get the opportunity to rush him, pluck a sample of his blood, and drink it so that I might also live forever young.

That has yet to happen and it feels as though Prince is taunting me with his “RNR Affair” song. It's the sort of taunt that has me wishing he truly is immortal and is forced to hear requests of “Rasberry Beret” for eternity. Whether he's biting the proverbial bullet by rekindling his signature 80s pop life funk or this is just some nugget lost in his purple overcoats closet, “RNR Affair” sounds like the Revolution broke out the instruments and eyeliner to spend four minutes in the 80s.

Will Prince tour again? Is a retro-Prince album in the works after years of adult-contemporary Prince? Probably not.