Public Image Ltd.'s debut album, First Issue, to be reissued in the US

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public image limited

Johnny Lydon's post-punk band of brothers, Public Image Ltd., will have their debut album, First Issue, released in the US for the first time ever this coming June. The record was never officially released over here because American labels considered the sound “too un-commercial,” according to Light In The Attic Records. The label will be shilling a ton of cool features and additions with the record, which you can preorder here, including rare interview footage with Johnny Lydon, stickers, posters, and replica tabloid advertisements. It should be a great collector's item and something that we're happy to hear is finally touching down on US soil, re-produced and re-mastered.

This is also another milestone for LITA, since this will be their 100th release. Good on you, lads. You can preview all the tracks at Light In The Attic, but here's our favorite, a live, disorienting version of “Annalisa.”