Watch Deerhunter perform “Monomania” damaged, wearing wigs

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bradford cox

Never one to shy away from acting like a cuckoo sans nest, Bradford Cox has outdone himself in promotion with the latest record with his band Deerhunter, Monomania. On the television program The Jimmy Fallon Show last night, Cox showed up dressed as an altergo under the name Connie Lungpin, wearing a Ramones-y female wig, lipstick, and with a finger visibly missing. The band performed the title track “Monomania” from their new record, which releases on May 7 through 4AD, and despite how fucking incredible that song is, and how excited we are for the record, it's going to be a long time before we cleanse the image from our minds of a bloody knuckle stump keeping time on the handle of a microphone.

The performance ended with Cox walking through the guts of the studio, throwing a woman's coffee cup to the ground, and boarding an elevator. A gentle exit, all things considered. You can preorder their album here. And watch the video for yourself below. God bless you, Bradford.