Rhyton Brings Experimental Psych-Funk Sound To New Heights With Redshift

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Straight out of Brooklyn, experimental band Rhyton–comprised of Dave Shuford (guitar, vocals), Jimy SeiTang (bass, clavinet, keyboards), and Rob Smith (drums)–is ready and rearing with their most recent art, an album titled Redshift.

Historically, all three men have had a heavy role in the experimental and improv music world in New York, with a foundation set in psychedelic rock. On Redshift, Rhyton doesn’t disappoint. They have gone with their signature twangy-meets-psychedelic sound, reminiscent of 60s and 70s jams we rock out to. Perhaps it’s the sweet guitar licks or Dave’s vocals–probably a mixture–but all we want to do is take shrooms and veg out all day to this album. Take that as you may, but we’re big, big fans.

There are elements of Redshift that are specifically in-tune to sci-fi fans from around the globe. Haunting, other-worldly vibes blend in to songs like “Redshift” and “Variety Playhouse”. “Turn to Stone”–our heavy-hitting favorite from the album–has a very Hendrix vibe to it, layering in synth to bring a more funky vibe to the raw instrumentals. From their guitar technique to the way they structure their sound, every ounce of this album is new and vibrant, bleeding somehow seamlessly from one track to the next.

8/5/16 – Trans-Pecos (NY)
8/6/16 – Reverb (Baltimore)
8/7/16 – Brillo Box (Pittsburgh)
8/8/16 – Green Lantern (Lexington)
8/9/16 – The Spot Tavern (Lafayette)
8/10/16 – Cactus Club (Milwaukee)
8/11/16 – Hideout (Chicago)
8/12/16 – Tree Bar (Columbus)
8/13/16 – Consolidated Cardboard (Allentown)

Redshift is out July 22nd via Thrill Jockey.