RSTB comp: White Rainbow, Wet Hair, Blues Control, more!

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Raven Sings the Blues

If you're unfamiliar, Raven Sings the Blues is a great mp3 blog run by ears very keen to the happenings within a couple of my favorite circles. The compilation now available here has a track list that goes like so:

RSTB Presents Vol. 1
01 Wet Hair, “Saturn”
02 Hassara, “Chiller Channel” (live)
03 White Rainbow, “Mind Haze is Clear Delights”
04 The Reds, Pinks & Purples, “Almost Everythng Under the Sun”
05 Julianna Barwick, “Youcatcher”
06 Fantastic Magic, “Imminent Grove”
07 Black Vatican, “Night is Come”
08 Sic Alps, “Egg Bun No. 3”
09 Mythical Beast, “Big Sky”
10 Blues Control, “Frankie's Problem”
11 Plastic Crimewave Sound, “Divine 20 Infant”