Shat Shorts releases first full-length album, available for free download

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shat shorts

Following up a self-released EP in 2010 and a split with Philly punk band Band Name in 2012, Shat Shorts have spent their time this year and last building up to a release of a debut record. The D.C. thrash-punk band has taken some time off from the house show scene to carefully craft the best record to boost you into your morning, and today is the day that it finally released. You can download the record for free at this link, or stream it below; with song titles like “Liveblogging The Loss of My Virginity” and “So I Hear The Faint Are Having A Reunion”, there is literally no reason why you wouldn't want to rage out to this one. Shat Shorts are the perfect tonic to the terror of an ended three-day weekend. It'll all be okay, we promise.