Shock Cinema announce existence, album

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While its easy to sketch this band out as a b-list supergroup with members of Dragons of Zynth, Rogers Sisters and Trail of Dead filling out the lineup, Shock Cinema deserve more than a head nod to their more notorious affiliations. Check out their creepy cover of Can's Vitamin C on their MySpace page.

One might also explain the band away as another Zynthy TV on the Radio/Sitek hookup, with said producer encouraging the union between sometimes Celebration drummer Miyuki Furtado and formerly Atlanta-based brit Destiny Ming Wan Montague and instrumentalist Autry Rene Fulbright II, and while the band shares some affinities with the Zynth freaky noise f/punk, but Shock Cinema is a more accessible, straight ahead brand of noise punk with a much better chance of rousing a room of sweaty gutter punks to active motion than perhaps any in the their wide nexus of projects.

The band will release their debut LP Our Way is Revenge August 21st on Kanine records. And while people have noted that the album title's an anagram for Sigourney Weaver, it's also so much more!

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The band is playing Mercury Lounge June 13th and an unspecified Todd P show on the 12th of July.