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Quinn Moreland

Sam Ray, aka Ricky Eat Acid, continues to be one of the most versatile musicians around. Following the release of the ambient Three Love Songs, several singles, and a few remixes (oh, and his work in Teen Suicide and Julia Brown), the Maryland-based musical chameleon has released his most danceable collection yet, the Sun Over Hills EP.

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The first track, “Let’s Go Outside”, begins where Three Love Songs ended: atmospheric and pensive, with a tranquil female vocal loop. Suddenly, the peace is shattered by the disorienting “Angels”. Literally, in between abrasive glitches, the sound of smashing glass attacks your ears, leaving you defenseless and stunned. Following a moment of  brief reprieve, the title track, “Sun Over Hills” , complete with a subtle Slim Thug sample, bursts in and pummels your senses a little bit more. The EP is not a complete audio assault; as Ray told The Fader, “This EP is [instead] an exercise in letting little moments of transcendent beauty sit against songs largely structured around energy and motion, from footwork and house influences to more modern electronic styles/dance stuff.”

For those of you looking for a slow and  ambient listen, fasten your seat belts. But for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting for Ray to release his promised bangerz, look no further.

Come see Ricky Eat Acid at the Impose/Exploding in Sound festival on July 12

Stream Sun Over Hills below and download it for free through The Fader. *bless you Sam

Read our interview with Sam Ray here.

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