Stream the Secret Songs compilation, shh#ffb6c1

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Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth started his ambitious soundcloud project, Secret Songs, a few months ago with the intent of releasing a new song from an up-and-coming producers every two weeks. As a pleasant surprise, Secret Song’s just dropped its first full fledged compilation entitled shh#ffb6c1. Living up to the spirit and name of the project, this comp is packed full with amazing tracks from people you may or may not be so familiar with. Including names like et aliae, Japan’s Qrion, and London’s bilingual pop stars Kero Kero Bonito.

If you are familiar with Kero Kero Bonito’s last album, Intro Bonito, you will know that their music is a pleasant mixture of texturized melody and catchy pop grooves. It is pretty much the soundtrack to the happiest dream you have ever had, or the most nonviolent video game you have ever played. Their contribution to the comp,”Flamingo” is a real gem in all senses of the word. Shh#ffb6c1 also features a track from Impose favorite, Ellie Herring. Along with naming her Chipping EP best new music for April, Herring has released a number of impressive tracks, including a Chance the Rapper remix, that keep us coming back for more. Her latest, “Mickie,” is a sensual dance hit that makes you turn down the lights and turn up your headphones.

You can stream shh#ffb6c1 below and snag a free download from Secret Songs here.