Listen to three tracks from the new Eluvium record, Nightmare Ending

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matthew cooper

Eluvium, the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Matthew Cooper, is not music that should be listened to in the background. Despite the soaring landscapes and vivid depth that the project nurtures, making for pleasant mood-defining music that doesn't get trapped under clunky lyrics, everything about Eluvium is delicate enough to pay attention to. In a world so wrapped up in getting things faster, making time pass quicker, and heightening sensations in as short a time as possible, Eluvium begs you with gentility to slow down, put on your headphones, and indulge in the way a piano can press into and mold our brain pulses. You'll be not only happier for it, but I can assure you, you'll be much calmer.

Three tracks from Eluvium's latest record, Nightmare Ending, are available to stream—one featuring the neoclassical mark of an echoey piano and the other two touching on Cooper's ability to melt ambient tones into fluid melodies. The record, Cooper's seventh as Eluvium, will release on Temporary Residence Ltd. on May 14, and you can preorder it here. Perfect timing for our annual summer mental slow-down. Listen to “Entendre” (courtesy of eMusic), “Envenom Mettle”, and “Don't Get Any Closer” below, and pray for a tour—the best way to enjoy Eluvium is live.