The best of Speedy Ortiz’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything”

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It’s no secret that Speedy Ortiz have a flare for comedy, from Sadie’s wry lyricism to the band’s infamous SXSW set featuring Hannibal Buress on the drums. The Boston four-piece recently opened themselves up to a series of questions from their fans via popular Reddit thread, “Ask Me Anything” and we’ve compiled a list of highlights here at Impose for your enjoyment. Inquiries range from important questions like favorite Limp Bizkit lyric to Sadie’s thoughts on Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”

On health insurance:

On preferred method of bro-bonding:
“Fresh Prince of Bell Air slap-splash handshake between Jazz and Will.” – Devin

On favorite bands as angst teens:
“Saddle Creek roster.” -Sadie
“RATM’s ‘Evil Empire.'” -Mike
“NWA.” -Devin

On Sadie’s lyrics:
“I don’t know what a lot of the lyrics are.” – Mike

On “Puffer”:
“I was swimming around a bunch listening to Kelis and wanted to make a song like hers. It got Marilyn Manson comparisons which is funny.” – Sadie

On favorite Limp Bizkit lyric:
“I’m feeling those lighters.” -Mike

On clubs versus D.I.Y. spaces:
“We’re trying to keep our feet in both worlds, I guess. Playing clubs is sort of a financial necessity but we play houses and warehouse spots regularly too. Those are the sorts of shows we like going to, so it would be stupid to kick ourselves out of that world.” -Sadie

On Sadie’s degree:
“Yes I got a degree from Barnard. I DJed at WBAR and studied poetry with some great people like Saskia Hamilton, Timothy Donnelly, Josh Bell. Kewl skewl.”

On Hannibal Burress:
“We met him through the magic of Twitter. Now we’re texting buddies. Hannibal forever. YOLO. Emojis.”

On Krill:
“Krill are not our friends.”

On playing with Robert Pollard:

On Plato:
“Silver Spring = Being so stuck mentally between two things that you can’t move towards either. And then you’re trapped. In a cave. And you have to saw your leg off to get out. You know?” -Sadie

On must-see Boston bands:
“Idiot Genes, Sneeze, Ursula, Grass is Green, Fleabite, Palehound, Bong Wish.”

On recently read books:
“Cat Person by Seo Kim. In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang.” -Sadie