Tonstartssbandht offer us sandwiches and a hotel

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Brothers Andy and Edwin White have a little something different for us this time. Tonstartssbandht have recorded their first purely instrumental album consisting of two sides and two songs. The first track, “Sinkhole Storm and Sandwich”, is a fun, boogie track clocking in at almost 18 minutes, while the second, “Hotel For Gods”, is much softer and dreamlike, with stringed overdubs.

The album was recorded earlier this month live in Montreal with no post-production work done and will be released as a “co-released boogie tape” courtesy of Does Are in the US and Arbutus Records in Canada. You can hear an excerpt from the “Sinkhole Storm and Sandwich” side below.

Tonstartssbandht, “Sinkhole Storm and Sandwich” (excerpt)

You can stream both tracks over at their bandcamp. But don't worry, Tonstrartssbandht isn't going to stay completely instrumental forever. For more of Andy and Edwin's melodic voices, you can check out their solo projects (Andy) and (Edwin). We guarantee it will be one of the better choices you make all day.