We are all slaves to Nacho Doritos

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What are you thinking about right now? Don't tell me. Sex. Then maybe you're thinking about your ConEd bill. And a kettle that you ordered online and how you'd rather be lamping with yerba mate than this overpriced low-strength deli coffee. Then sex again. But right after that, below the essentials, maybe third or fourth in line, you're thinking about Doritos. Maybe even having sex with Doritos while drinking yerba mate. Or putting a Dorito in your yerba mate, letting the powder melt into oblivion. It doesn't matter. You know they're on your mind.

In one of the greater articles on The New York Times this week (we're waiting for their millenial buildout so we can know where to find this kind of #content without dredging through politics and obits—yawn), Michael Moss explores the science of why we love Nacho Doritos the way we do with Steven A. Witherly, author of Why Humans Like Junk Food. And since you were already thinking about Doritos, the science is working, you grubby scumbag.

A highlight:

Licking the dust from the fingers in its pure form, without the chip to dilute the impact, sends an even larger flavor burst to the brain.

Speaking of obits, put that line on my tombstone. File this post under “life highlights.”