You have until midnight to listen to every 1080p release for free

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In celebration of their one year anniversary, Vancouver-based electronic label 1080p has put up every tape they’ve released in the last year for PWYW (pay what you want) download and free streaming on their Bandcamp page, which you can check out here.

Since June 19, 2013, the small-batch cassette label has released 18 tapes, with another three available for pre-order (but sadly not to stream yet). In that short time, the upstart label has already established themselves as a home for experimental electronica in the Pacific Northwest and earned a small following in the electronic music community.

Among the tapes up for free streaming and digital download are “post-band” Beat Detectives’ awesome tape ASSCOP, the ultra-ambient Brain Foam by Tings and Savage, and the label’s first release, Heartbeat(s)’s Home Remedies. So if you’re into ambient, house, techno, or any other kind of electronic music, make sure to get over to their Bandcamp page before midnight to check out some of their sweet beats.