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YYU is preoccupied with time. The looping and sampling musician used it in the title of his record (four times), gives his songs timestamps as titles, and sings about it quite a bit, specifically on the track “yyyy” where he loops his vocals to say 'time' for nearly most of the song. This obsession with time isn't coincidental; instead it gives YYU's music a sense of urgency and sensitivity. Opener “for hands/ moo.3” feels like waking up lost amongst a sea of endless screensavers, building and exploding in one's field of vision. “um (don't be)” is an example of YYU's emotional intensity, strummed and looped as his fragile voice croons above. “&time” is the (un)holy meeting of natural and digital music: sensitive guitars layer upon YYU's gorgeous vocals before bursting into a loping jubilee of syllables and drum hits.

What makes YYU so special is his ability to synthesize feelings that are completely alien and utterly human. This alliance of natural and electronic sounds sometimes clash and overpower each other, but do so in the most serene way possible. YYU brings these concepts together to contemplate time. (What else?) With so much music, information, and ideas floating around the internet, YYU understands that he needs to use time to his advantage. I can definitely say that with TIMETIMETIME&TIME he has.
TIMETIMETIME&TIME below and buy it from Beer on the Rug, too.