Seatraffic, “Crimes”

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San Fransisco based band Seatraffic's new song, “Crimes”, explores emotional grandiosity through dreamy washes of drums and synthesizers played by Brandon Harrison and Mark Zannad, respectively. “Crimes” shows the duo's passion for cavernous melodrama, while also displaying their wonders as synth-pop purveyors.

“Crimes” starts with buzzing synths before a pounding drum summons a power the size of an ocean. Immmediately after, massive synths permeate above, before falling into Zannad's washed out vocals. Little of his lyrics can be made out, but when he bellows, “When you think its not a crime…” during the surging chorus, there's an added intensity stirred into to the deep mix of synths and drums. The track continually builds out of repetition and subtlety finally errupting into its immersive, breath-taking finale.
“Crimes” will be self-released on 7-inch this August. You can listen to “Crimes” below and download it as well.