Bree’s “At Home” Playlist

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Recently, we got to sit down with rock n’ roll artist Bree to talk about her history and the band’s sound. She treated us to a playlist of some of her favorite music, exclaiming, “I listen to everything!” Here’s her list of songs to jam to in your car or at home (which is where she listens to them).

Beg – Diamond Carter: One of my close friends, Tyler Touhy here in East Nashville does all the writing and performing for Diamond Carter and his music is incredible! Also check out, “Rock n Roll” it mentions me in it! The local talent here is amazing.

Boyfriend – Best Coast: Gotta love some surfy west coast vibes every once in a while, right?

Crush’d – Say Anything: This song cracks me up. The lyrics are witty as hell. The awkward flirtatiousness of it all tickles me pink!

Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie: Need I say more? RIP: Bowie, Ronson and Bolder.

Mambo Sun – T.Rex: One of my favorite songs to smoke herb to. Sounds best on vinyl.

Bathwater – No Doubt: I can connect with these lyrics soooooo much! I think us ladies have been in this position at least once in our lives. “Why do the good girls….always want the bad boys?” So good.

Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots: Really listen to the lyrics. I remember when my car radio got stollen out of my 92 Honda Accord while I was living in Eugene, Oregon. Nothing worse than being stuck in a silent car with your own thoughts to haunt you.

Far Alone – G-Eazy: This song was the theme song for my very first tour ever back in 2014. Best summer of my life!

Walk That Walk – Tennessee Muscle Candy: My friend Alexis Saski is one of the best vocalists here in the East Nashville music scene. Her voice floors me and I love the lyrics in this song!

Adios Amigo – Kansas Bible Company: This is another local East Nashville band I LOVE! The very first show I ever played was opening up for them at the High Watt here in Nashville and we’ve stayed buddies ever since. Nicest guys ever and so talented!

Vicious – Lou Reed: Losing him and Bowie so closely together was almost too much to bear. I could write a chapter about how much Lou Reed has influenced me, but I’ll just say that “Vicious” is usually the first song I’ll hit on a pub’s jukebox. That song can put me in the right mood like no other.

And I Love Her – The Beatles: One of my top favorite Beatles songs of all time.

The World Is New – Save Ferris: When I was a kid I looked up to this singer so much! Such a great band that I feel didn’t get enough credit in the 90’s.

I’ll Be Here A While – 311: I love listening to this either in my car on a nice day or in my writing room in the morning during my wake n’ bake.

Sway – Rosemary Clooney: I can listen to this woman’s voice all day! I’m a sucker for this era of music. Sway is one of my favorite songs ever, but nobody does it like Rosemary.

I Got 5 On It – Luniz: Reminds me of the days when I was eighteen and thought it was so cool to listen to this song around a big bonfire with a Busch Lite in hand and the weed flowing. Oh, my underage years…..haha!