Daveed Diggs of clipping. gets the James Lipton-meets-Nardwuar treatment

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On Wednesday, May 14th, Daveed Diggs of clipping., a rap group out of Los Angeles whose debut album midcity was one of Eric’s favorite releases of 2013. Daveed is in clipping. with Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson. All three members have successful projects outside of this collaboration: Hutson is making music as Rale and Snipes is in the duo Captain Ahab and both did the music for the documentary Room 237.

We discuss the frustrations with the label “noise rap”, Daveed’s origins and his long standing friendship with both Snipes and Hutson, embarrassing childhood stories, the intermingling of theater and hip-hop performance, the process of writing for clipping. versus his solo stuff, the simplicity of containing multiple selves, we establish the clipping.-verse after Daveed declares all of the songs belong in the same world, the use of musique concrète techniques in hip-hop production, performing live, we geek out over Gunplay, we complain about how easy you kids have it nowadays with your internets, we discuss Sexual Detergent and Carmen: A Hip Hopera (see below!) plus we play several tracks from across clipping.’s history.

If you’re in NYC, you should absolutely attend clipping.’s first show in our area at Knockdown Center tonight (Friday, May 16). clipping.’s second album, clppng, will be released on June 10th on Sub Pop Records.

Death By Icon – Toothspace
Curly Castro – David Rodigan (feat. Hubbs & Armand Hammer (billy woods & Elucid))
Tomorrow Kings – Nigger Rigged Time Machine
YVETTE – Cuts Me In Half
Tobacco – Streaker (feat. Notrabel)
clipping. – Work Work (feat. Cocc Pistol Cree)

Daveed Diggs – Go Boi
Daveed Diggs – Trappers

clipping. – Loud
clipping. – Face

clipping. – guns.up
clipping. – story
clipping. – Story 2

clipping. – mobb2it
clipping. – Body and Blood