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Audio Imposition 12-10-14 by Impose Magazine on Mixcloud

Ah yes, Eric has had a bit of a break thanks to holidays, sickness, and ennui, but you know what? We’re back, bigger than ever. EVER! All music episode.
We start off with some dark dance music that segues into some outré hip hop, then we take some post punk, some actual punk and close out with singer song writer goodness. You’ll love it. One of the bands uses The Princess Diaries as a launch pad to discuss feminist issues. You should check it out.

Farniente, “Ropa Cara”
UltraaBriight, “Vague”
COLD NAME, “$ynap$e”
Signor Benedick The Moor, “A Boy, A Man, A King”
ABDU ALI, “Flat Out”
Robocobra Quartet, “Artbook Flipping”

Olympic, “TV Creep”
T.I.T., “On Your Side”
Guerrilla Toss, “Smack the Brick”
Abolitionist, “Cut The Head Off This Snake”
Snob, “Boob”
Genovia Forever, “Princess Lessons”
Defeated, “Os Erros”

Band Practice, “Put Up a Fight”
King of Cats, “Arthritis”
Johanna Warren, “Woods”
Girlpool, “Alone at the Show”