I was a teenage DJ

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Earlier this week, Eric and Edwina were asked to DJ a show at Shea Stadium, so on the latest Audio Imposition, Eric gives us some insight into his playlist for the night. Focused on some recent punk music of note (and also played Kriss Kross’s “Jump” but we won’t get into that), here’s an hour’s worth of those tunes. Mostly recent and then he threw in new music from Dyke Drama and Leikeli47.

So generous!

01. “Binary” by The Spook School
02. “Pool Boyz” by Diet Cig
03. “Jitterbug” by TULIPS
04. “Saluting Magpies” by Honey Joy
05. “Die Slow” by Mozart
06. “Nerd Holocaust” by WOODBOOT
07. “Mentiras En Red inhumano” by Accidente
08. “Prision de amor” by Delineadas
09. “Put it in Writing” by superhet
10. “Barrier” by No Form
11. “birds, bees, and disease” by Abolitionist
12. “Graveyard” by Lime Crush
13. “Sad Dudes” by Mommy Long Legs
14. “Cubito Aequet” by The Lopez
15. “Anxiety” by Pinact
16. “Don’t Ask” by Littler
17. “Sigo Adelante” by Antifaces
18. “Good Job” by Bike Crash
19. “Don’t Cross” Me by Firewalker
20. “Jennifer” by Straight Jack Cat
21. “She’sGonnaPushTheTableOffTheCup” by Stuck With Pink
22. “In Your Truck” by Dyke Drama
23. “Watch TV” by Addie Pray
24. “The Hit Factory” by Leikeli47

Bonus Mix! Eric made this on Sunday. It’s a mix of pop music and underground dance tracks and he really hopes you enjoy it.