Mac DeMarco on ice fishing, Limp Bizkit, and hugging cacti

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mac demarco

On the most recent episode of Impose's illustrious talk radio show, Nothing Urgent, Chris Robbins and Derek Evers get down to business with transient funnyman Mac DeMarco. Find out from the Mac what it's like to grow up in Canada and not give a shit about hockey, and hear some real life tales of trying to sneak past border patrol unnoticed. With his highly anticipated Salad Days record forthcoming, Mac DeMarco has a few words to say about Limp Bizkit. Following our chat with Mac, we speak to Gothamist writer Max Rivlin-Nadler regarding his excellent exposé on civil forfeiture. Rivlin-Nadler gives us the lowdown on why innocent citizens are doling out their own cash to the NYPD.

You can stream this episode of Nothing Urgent through The Heritage Radio Network, and then tune in Wednesdays from 6:30pm to catch more from Impose's very own.