Edwina totally hearts Steve Albini

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On Wednesday, January 22nd, Eric and Edwina left the confines of their warm(ish) apartment to walk through the recently fallen snow (thanks a lot snow storm!) to huddle around alternately working microphones and talk about the Homeboy Sandman show at Gramercy Theatre, the awesomeness of Lee Bannon’s new album, Eric plays music he hasn’t had a chance to play and then Edwina plays music involving Steve Albini (most of which we can’t mention by name on air, but you’ll know what it is).

Eric @kotgb

Edwina @threeminuterule


Lee Bannon – 216
Supreme Cuts – Down (ft GTW Khailee and David Ashley)
El Gato Frio – Click B

Sir Benedick The Moor – Dragon x Black Knight
Prince Po & Oh No – Toxic
I Am Many – Seek Adventure
Short Fuse & Nasa – Breakdance for the Def

The Beverleys – Bad Company
The Coathangers – Follow Me
Mannequin Pussy – Clit Eastwood
Tacocat – Crimson Wave
Tweens – Be Mean
Perfect Pussy – Driver
Libyans – Wrong Profession / Same Results

Steve Albini as musician:
Big Black – Precious Thing (from Songs About Fucking)
Big Black – Racer-X (Racer-X single)
Big Black – Things To Do Today (Heartbeat single)
Rapeman – Trouser Minnow (Two Nuns & A Pack Mule)
Shellac – The Idea of North (At Action Park)
Shellac – Canada (Terraform)
Shellac – Canaveral (1000 Hurts)

Steve Albini as engineer:
The Didjits – Mr. DNA (Full Nelson Reilly)
The Breeders – Hellbound (Pod)
The Breeders – Huffer (Title TK)
Pixies – Gigantic (Surfer Rosa)
Nirvana – Scentless Apprentice (In Utero)
PJ Harvey – Dry (Rid of Me)
The Wedding Present – Brassneck (Bizarro)
The Jesus Lizard – Mouthbreather (Goat)
Mclusky – Day of the Deadringers (Mclusky Do Dallas)
Mclusky – Forget About Him I’m Mint (The Difference Between You and Me is That I’m Not On Fire) [Fun fact: features Bob Weston of Shellac on trumpet]
The Ponys – We Shot The World (Celebration Castle)