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On January 29th, Nick Sylvester of Godmode Records swung by the Audio Imposition studios where Eric puzzles out the difference between Goth Rock and Death Rock, Edwina and Eric wonder who’s on first (it’s Nobunny apparently), Edwina discusses how she captured Jean Grae opening Mike Eagle at a show, Eric accidentally called his favorite saxaphonist a trumpet player (he meant Lee Morgan. Eric is dumb), Nick discusses the secret strategies to music at Jewish weddings, how the loss of wisdom teeth eventually led to Godmode Records, how their artists dictates music releases and format, we give you tips on how to become a master of recording music (the trick is to make a ton of mistakes), how difficult it is to capture what sounds you hear in your head on tape, and we play lots of forthcoming Godmode releases.

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Hanz – War Fiction
Pharaohe Monch – Bad MF
Step Brothers – Step Masters
CRASHprez & *hitmayng – Problem Solvers

The Men – Pearly Gates
The Hussy – EZ PZ
Bad Canoes – Funky Baby Syndrome
King TV – You’re on My Mind
Woodsman – Rine
Earth Girls – Only Human

Protomartyr – Scum, Rise!
Screaming For Emily – The Love
Baroque Bordello – Put It Down
Afterimages – Satellite of Love
FUCK FRANKIE – Rage Inside
Sleepies – Weird Wild World
Yvette – Cuts Me In Half

Shamir – If It Wasn’t True
Courtship Ritual – Yellow Spiders
Mr Dream – Making Muscles
The Flag – Bad Blood
Sleepies – All over The Years
Mr Dream – Fringy Slider