Getting into the deep web with Mish Way of White Lung and Forbes' Andy Greenberg

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mish way

After sharing White Lung and Antwon's ribald tour diary, we had Mish Way come on our weekly radio show to tell us about the fun of tour, the punk boy's club, and why misogynist lyrics don't really get to her. (The feminist debate is alive and well on Nothing Urgent.) Then, we have a followup chat with Forbes' Andy Greenberg, whom we had on the show earlier this year, after the unraveling of the Dread Pirate Roberts debacle down the Silk Road and farther. Hear what he has to say about the man behind all those online drug purchases you've been doing, and stay tuned for more Nothing Urgent every week from 6:30pm on The Heritage Radio Network.

Stream the full twenty-second episode here.