Good riddance to a year of Nothing Urgent

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On our last Heritage Radio Network show of the year, Derek Evers and Chris Robbins prove that they are old-as-all-everwilling-fuck by having no idea who Paul Walker or Cory Monteith are. They discuss what people Googled this year, and are surprised by the perpetual stupidity of anyone with fingers and access to a broadband connection. Listen in as Chris Robbins claims that “[REDACTED] is a conspiracy.” Then, things turn around when Matthau and Lemmon call in with our partner Newtown radio show to talk to Impose's diligent photo editors, Eric and Edwina. They discuss the year's best music (with special guest, Chief Boima of Dutty Artz), and you'll be surprised to hear not a single Sinatra b-side made the list.

Tune in here, and check back on January 8th when Robbins and Evers return from a few weeks of eating satsumas, taking mid-afternoon naps, and getting chinos hemmed. Happy holidays.