Out of context with Diarrhea Planet and Devon Maloney

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Photo by Rafe Baron

On a very special edition of Nothing Urgent, Derek Evers is joined by a guest cohost (it's me), as well as an Impose favorite band and writer. Diarrhea Planet, in town from Nashville, came by the studio to discuss some things people might not know about them, the world-famous #BrentOutOfContext hashtag, and sponsorship. Then, we speak with WIRED and Pitchfork contributor Devon Maloney about her new dystopia column for WIRED, and what it means that Sochi seems like it might be an alternate dystopian future, but it isn't.

The full episode is available for streaming at The Heritage Radio Network, and tune in every week on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. when Chris Robbins gets back in the saddle as Derek Evers' loyal cohost.