The Douchiest Show to Date

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big ups

Nothing Urgent comes full circle as we take on our last show before SXSW with a rousing discussion of douches, both human and artifact. Irene Plagianos of DNAinfo joins the esteemed Chris Robbins and Derek Evers to discuss a 200-year-old douche buried beneath New York's City Hall. Evers proves to know more about douches than you'd expect, and Plagianos shares some early recipes for douche juice, as it were. Then, we welcome Brooklyn's finest douches, fourpiece punk band Big Ups to discuss their UK tour, their new record, and their experience as audio engineers.

You can stream this episode through The Heritage Radio Network, and tune in come March 19 at 6:30 p.m. when the boys are back on the air with more douchey discussions.