We talk to the former president of UVA and Dirty Beaches

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dirty beaches

On the third episode of Impose's radio show on the Heritage Radio Network, Nothing Urgent, hosts Chris Robbins and Derek Evers had a lot to talk about. With the overturning of DOMA, SCOTUS's decision to move an affirmative action case down to lower court, and Dirty Beaches playing live in New York for two back-to-back nights, the newswire was buzzing with possible non-Paula Deen topics to cover. The gang got former UVA president and Senior Fellow of the Association of Governing Boards, Bob M. O'Neil, on the phone to disucss his relationship with Justice Kennedy and his thoughts on all the changes that occurred yesterday. Then, stick around for Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches as he talks with the pair about moving to Berlin, his New York shows, and a whole lot more.

You can stream the episode here and tune in every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 for more Nothing Urgent.