2015 NBA Haiku Preview: Western Conference

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Steph Curry and daughter

Continue to bask in basketball serenity, friends. Today we offer you a new wave of haiku verse to provide you with all the information you need to keep up with the 2015 NBA season. Last week, we previewed the East and now we turn to the Western Conference, where competition is fierce, champions reign, and a man with a unibrow shall one day be king.


Minnesota Timberwolves

RIP to Flip

Tune in for excitement but

Don’t watch for wins, yeah?

Los Angeles Lakers

Capes for Kobe yeah

Russell and Randle are fun

And World Peace is back!

Sacramento Kings

Stability for

Boogie! The bench gets made up

But Karl gotta chill

Denver Nuggets

Won Mudiay lotto

Mike Malone gets to fix this

But identity?


Utah Jazz

League Pass Alert faves

Stifle Tower, Favors too

But no bench at all

Phoenix Suns

Lost on LaMarcus

And rebuilding but to where?

Add angry Morri

Oklahoma City Thunder

Durant’s last stop?

Can anyone stay healthy?

Donovan time, eh?


New Orleans Pelicans

More brow per ounce yeah

Unfortunate everything

Else. Davis is All

Dallas Mavericks

Twilight of the Dirk

One move away from rebuild

Still get an eighth seed

San Antonio Spurs

LaMarcus unfair

Transition to new era

This year is step back


Memphis Grizzlies

Grit-n-grind core safe

Bench gets a younger facelift

Still need outside shots

Portland Trail Blazers

From Rip City to Tank

Damien’s team now but too

Much to replace now


Los Angeles Clippers

Conference Finals

Or bust. Can still keep the team

But someone might roll

Houston Rockets

Gunning for top spot

Increased weapon options

But still lot of holes

Golden State Warriors

Great chance at repeat

Curry owns court and the ground

Beneath. Pray for health.