Basketball is more popular than ever, and so is gambling on it

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Allen Iverson is my favorite basketball player. Any time anyone even mutters the word practice, even if it's just the first four letters—”Hey, can you make an appointment at my general prac—” I'm like “We talkin bout practice?” It's caused some rifts in my friendships, sure, but they've all been well worth it. Allen Iverson answered all my questions. He is The Answer, after all. Next week, at the Sixers home opener, Iverson will retire from basketball. Is this the end of basketball? It must be the end of basketball. At the very least all of our questions will now have been Answered, so we should move the fuck on.

But, wait. You are telling me that basketball is growing? At an alarming rate? And that is possible for it to go on without AI showing us how to really play like a singular sportsman who needs no teams? Even when our boy left America to play basketball in China on a celebrity tour, things were getting bigger. 11% of all people around the world play basketball. No, that can't be right. But it is! So much of the world now plays basketball that we're even sending Iverson away and making it easier for him to spread that good hoops gospel. And with growth in basketball, the next most inevitable thing to come is growth in spending money on and talking about pract—no, basketball.

Many teams have their own websites, chatrooms, forums and other places where fans from all over the world can discuss their favourite sport – something that helps generate the worldwide buzz the sport is currently enjoying. Sports fans also bet online, which has also contributed to the popularity of different kinds of sports. With sites like offering the best odds across myriad sports, including basketball, it’s another avenue for new fans to become involved. And thank god for that because for a while we thought that basketball might end with the departure of sports' most enigmatic showman. Just don't stop talking about practice, okay?