Kevin Durant had a weird day on Twitter

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Kevin Durant took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon and it was really, uh, interesting. The Slim Reaper usually keeps it on the reserved and chilly side when it comes to social media, but he went deep into a hole of navel gazing. So we went right there with him.

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Well, there are lots of reasons: To post stuff about your Facebook friends that they can’t see, to try and further your writing career or ask different celebrities to come to Brazil. This isn’t a really personal question, but I’m glad we can start a dialogue to build up our relationship. Here’s my question for you, Would you be interested in coming to play in DC?

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Well sure, I mean, that’s the beauty of the internet ain’t it? I’d be lying if I said I did check my followers on the regular, but I am afraid most of them are spam. I bet you have A LOT of spam followers huh?

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I guess that’s a part of it. I feel pretty socially awkward at times, even though I have relationships with some people on Twitter that live in the same city. But I don’t really pursue them because it’s easier with the wall of social media to protect me. Man, I’m really glad we’re having this conversation.

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I got you, I figured it out anyways. But I’m glad to see you’re a stickler for that kind of stuff. I have a hard time letting tweets go with spelling and grammatical errors too.

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Huh? I was with you till now, KD, but you’re starting to sound like Jaden Smith. Are you going to start telling me that my eyes are mirrors that are lying to me? I had a hippie friend in college and I can only pretend to enjoy these type of conversations for so long.

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Oh okay. Good talk. See you later.