The Jets just keep getting weirder

Derek Evers

Michelle Ryan's foot fetish picture

"Can I smell them?"

Ok, ok, I know I've been bagging on them a lot this season, but the fodder keeps coming faster than Rex Ryan on his wife's feet.

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At least that's the assumption, as reports of some foot fetish videos posted on YouTube are rumored to be those of Michelle Ryan, Rex Ryan's wife. Deadspin
first uncovered the videos, noting the woman in the videos shares several characteristics with Michelle, goes by “ihaveprettyfeet” on YouTube and has a series of them. As the Huffington Post points out, there are some details that go beyond just the visual evidence.

According to the report, a user with the name of “ihaveprettyfeet”
posted a personal profile on a foot fetish site in which her location
is listed as Ellicott City, Maryland., where the Ryans lived before they
moved to New York. A separate profile at
for a user named “Ihaveprettyfeet” lists a couple in Ellicott City,
Maryland looking for “Men, Couples (man and woman) or Groups for erotic
email exchange, Performing only (little or no contact), Watching only
(little or no contact) or active participation.” In the profile, one
user's birthday matches Rex Ryan's exactly (December 13, 1962), as
Deadspin points out.

Of course, the Jets and Ryan have declined to comment, calling it a “personal matter.” Unfortunately for me, I think I've watched a few of these videos already.

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