Partick Thistle is a grunge band

Andy Livingston

Yes, this is really their mascot.

Partick Thistle F.C. would like you to believe they are a professional team in the Scottish Professional Football League. But we have our doubts. No football team consisting of players over the age of nine would adopt the aesthetic of a goofy child-drawn Sun to be the face of the franchise. But you know who would? A grunge band.

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Partick Thistle F.C. might be difficult to pronounce, but it’s not the worst name. It can hold its own in the absurd category and make you realize how many football club names can double as band names. Not so true for the ’00 hardcore also-rans Panthro UK United 13. But what sealed its fate was the marketing team’s promotional attire.


Yes that is an actual t-shirt for PTFC and the nail in the coffin that this outfit is no mere football club, but a full fledged grunge band. How has this not been produced on a Melvins shirt yet? It’s not even a well thought out grunge band logo, but yet another in a series of circle logo copies that have infiltrated the grunge scene since the get-go. For example:


You’re not fooling anyone Partick. Or is it Patrick?

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