What a Glen Rice, Sarah Palin love child would look like

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Glen Rice and Sarah Palin love child

According to a book written by investigative reporter Joe McGinniss, Sarah Palin had (has?) a black “fetish” (um, fetish? that's a racist way to put it, no?) and seduced then-Michigan basketball star Glen Rice into a good ol' Alaskan moose ride. The year was 1987, Rice and the Wolverines were in Alaska for a college basketball tournament and Palin was a young upstart TV sports reporter. One thing lead to another, bing bang boom, and a one-sided oreo apparently took place in Sarah's younger sister Molly's University of Alaska dorm room.

McGinniss is no slouch. He's been working on this book for three years, including a year living next door to the Palin's—apparently going through their trash. He's also written several political books including works on former president Richard Nixon and, appropriately enough, one on Alaska. But it should be noted, this was all reported in the (cough) National Enquirer and the book, Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin, isn't even out yet. Still, the book is quoted and the Enquirer swears Rice admits to the tryst.

Um, yeah, you think? Even if he didn't, what's he up to these days? No press is bad press, especially if it's for banging a hot, albeit horrible, horrible woman. Even more exciting are the rumors Palin and her husband snorted cocaine off an overturned oil drum while snowmobiling with friends.

I challenge you to find me a better image for the Republican Party than a white person who snorts cocaine off of oil drums and has a fetish for screwing black people.