What do we call this Mat Latos pitch?

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Miami Marlins pitcher Mat Latos has a unique pitch that no one has seen before. In a story reported on Fangraphs, the pitch is described as, “A knuckle curve released like a change-up that is neither his change-up or breaking ball.” Part of the allure/danger of this pitch is that Latos doesn’t really know where it’s going to go when he releases it. He generally only uses the pitch on a two-strike count to cut down on the danger of its trajectory, but we think it deserves more recognition for the weirdness that it is.

So what do we call it? Marlins bullpen coach Reid Cornelius calls it “The Critter,” but with a name like Reid Cornelius you’re probably calling most things critters.

The American Economy

Cause you never know where it’s gonna go.

The Trip Metal

Cause it’s around, and people are talking about it, but lord knows what it actually is.

The Gucci Mane

Even though it’s expected, you’re always excited when one of them drops.


Day Trip To Cuba

Miami + controversy.

The Marlins Pitch

Like the Marlins, the expectation of the pitch is that it will wind up in the dirt no matter what.

Matt Latos with the Cincinnati Reds.
Mat Latos with the Cincinnati Reds.

Breaking the Latosphere

It’s a little long and sounds like a Prog album, but why not?

The Sitter

Because it sits batters, not to be confused with the Jonah Hill movie.

The T

The pitch is so good, it took the second T off of Latos first name.