Children of the Night's Shiny Suit Medley

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Children of the Night

The theme for this Selector is Shiny Suit rap videos…

Ever wonder what it would be like to represent for the Hispanic community in a shiny sleeveless shirt? Look no further as the Father of Shiny takes a stroll through Harlem in this classic remix ringing in the new millennium. Catch Puff dancing in front of a Che Guevara mural while sporting a shiny Cuban sleeveless shirt. If you didn't get to break out your PR du-rag for the parade, no worries. The DR festival should be right around the corner. Bad Boy Familia. – Nasty Nigel


The originators of shiny suits in rap videos. I remember asking my mom for one of those red suits after I saw this video for the first time. Puffy's verse also took over my 4th grade year in elementary school. – Remy Banks

Lets take a break from the shiny suits and breathe a little with shiny basketball attire. Then choke up again trying to recite Mystikal's verse. If that isn't your speed, roll into the middle of your local basketball court in a No Limit gold plated tank. I'm sure all your friends will be in attendance. You know, C there, Silkk there, Fiend there, Mama there, P there. – Nasty Nigel

“Broken glass, everywhere, if it ain't about the money Puff I just don't care”. Man, this was the video that set things off for me! I remember watching this video before school when they actually played music on TV. Puff and Mase nonchalant flows. Somehow, they were able to interject a complex storyline throughout the video, where Eddie Griffin and BIG get pulled over by police officers while smoking weed. The funniest thing is nobody seems to give a shit that the police are there, and Mase and Puff just rap while all of this is going on. -Lansky Jones

Shiny suit Nas in rare form. This was the shortest lived resurrection of Esco. A gem from late-90s shiny suit raps. -Lansky Jones