Crushing and Cringing with Tacocat

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Eric: I hate youtube. There's nothing worse than someone showing you a million boring YouTube videos. Look, see? the last time I even opened YouTube was the day I bought my phone!

Bree: I know everyones seen this, but I could watch this baby getting attacked by this cat all day.

Bree: The Skate Witches are one of my favorite things in the world, “If you wanna ride with us, you gotta have a rat!” Tacocat even wrote a song about it.

Bree: Slutever showed us this video in the van yesterday of a girl reading her fictional encounter with Ashton Kutcher at a talent show. It's so amazing that I'm suspicious about it even being real, but it definitely made me cringe the whole time.

Lelah: This is an ASL video to Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA. I was just really into that song so I was internetting around about it. Something about this guy just steals my heart.

Lelah: This was sent to me one day. My ex boyfriend went to college with this guy. Something about him is also heart stealing. I think this video should have millions of hits. Secret gem.

Lelah: An adorable “Somebody I Used to Know” recreation feat. DOGye, and CATbra! “You treat me like a stranger and I feel so RUFF”.

Emily: I just love every video Gothic King Cobra makes. Do yourself a favor and kill a few hours with youtube's premiere tobacco / energy drink connoisseur. I want to adopt him.

Emily: This is hands down the best anti-alcohol song and music video by a Canadian artist in 1985.