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Debacle Records was founded in 2004 to document the nascent noise/experimental scene that grew up around the Electric Heavyland shop in Seattle. I began with a cd-r subscription series of local artists called The Emerald City Debacle, and have since released 40+ cd-r releases in runs of 100 to 250. I continue to work with many local artists, and try to bring attention to my friends’ obscure but amazing work. Recently I have been branching out to work with artists from all over the globe.

We already kicked the year off with some fantastic albums by Konntinent, Expo ’70, Brown Cloud, Demian Johnston & Mink Stole, and Squim. Sundrips are about to drop a new full length that will take many people by surprise. I am reissuing the Cough Cool that Sweat Lodge Guru put out last year. Many more are on the way from Deep Magic, Food Pyramid, Summon Thrull, Physical Demon, Paintings for Animals, Brain Fruit, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita.

I am constantly thinking about what it means to be a record label, and the purpose a label serves. From business practices to A&R tips, I am always eager to learn from others that have gone before me or who are struggling with these topics themselves. Does the gift economy of the mp3 blog really work? Why does a word like “promotion” fly with artists while “marketing” remains a four letter word? Why would an artist release something in only one format – are they walking away from people who want to pay them for their art? I am hoping to wrangle a few other record label people into joining a podcast with me to discuss topics like these.

Download the Bitches and Crayons Debacles Sampler Mix, which has a track list that corresponds to the order of Debacle artists listed below:

Sundrips, “When”


Sundrips are a Montreal twosome riding a wave of blissed out guitars and synths. They had an incredibly productive year in 2010, releasing tapes on Digitalis, Hobo Cult and Sacred Phrases. When is the first track from their forthcoming album on Debacle titled “Just a Glimpse”.

Megabats, “Amazon Bike Tits”


Megabats is my own project with my best friend Riley Scott. We are the drone Ramones. Don’t know how to play music, only know three major chords, and not-so-secretly wish we were a pop band.

Konntinent, “Red Lion”


A track from Konntinent’s recent live album on Debacle “Down With Candy”. “Red Lion” is Konntinent at his most playful. Pitchfork recently compared Antony Harrison to Emeralds, OPN and Black to Comm, but this track pulls from underground bass music as much as those kosmische heroes.

Demian Johnston & Mink Stole, “Devil Takes the Something”

Demian Johnston of Great Falls and the phenomenal Dead Accents label teams up with Mink Stole (Chris Negrete of Radiation 4) for a colossal mind-warp. Born in Seattle from one single take guitar/pedal improv by Demian, “Trailed & Kept” was then sent to Chris in LA to mangle how he saw fit. “Devil Takes the Something” shows off the beautiful side of this duos’ noise-metal opus.

Summon Thrull, “Even the Horses Are Cut in Half”

Summon thrull

Summon Thrull is Dustin Kochel from Seattle noiseniks Physical Demon. “Even the Horses Are Cut in Half” is pulled from his upcoming album “Spire Hell Heap” that will be co-released with Rainbow Bridge. Dustin is always impressing with his ability to conjure up interesting new modes from his unique concoction of industrial synthcore and harsh noise.

Squim, “Mirror Bell”


Squim is an Olde English Spelling Bee first-waver. Since then he has released a couple of mindjacking noise/drone albums on Debacle. “Mirror Bell” is pulled from his recent album “Nazaraeru” and really showcases his ability to rend beauty from the most minimal and discordant sources.

Cough Cool, “Sucker”

Cough Cool

Cough Cool is one Dan Svizeny, the track “Sucker” is from his self titled album originally released on tape by Sweat Lodge Guru, and now being reissued and remastered with expanded artwork on Debacle. These are downercore bedroom pop nuggets pulled from the ether of teenage memories and adult disappointments. I love this guy because he has a sort of Sebadoh/Fugazi thread lurking behind his psyched out pop. Look for releases this year from Dan on Not Not Fun and Bathetic.

The Slaves, “Sweet High”

The Slaves

Barbara Kinzle and Birch Cooper are about to break out, I just know it. Between The Slaves, their work in The Oregon Painting Society, and The Greys, their band with Eternal Tapestry’s Jed Bindeman, they must never sleep. Their debut album “Ocean on Ocean” is a pillar of washed out beauty. Sliding between noise, drone and gothic shoegaze, their sound can literally stop time.

Paintings for Animals, “Satnod”

Pearson Wallace-Hoyt has already carved out his place in the PNW experimental scene, working with all manner of artists, dancers, and musicians. Recently dropping a 3-inch cd-r on Kim Dawn, Pearson has begun taking over the rest of the world. “Satnod” is the epic closer to his noise-metal concept album Kristeater, a pagan romp through the darkness of the Pacific Northwest, soon to be released on Debacle.