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Lupe Fiasco

This week saw the release of one of rap's most highly anticipated albums, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album. The record just about lived up to both the hype and its ambitious title — you can see our thoughts on it here. But Lupe wasn't the only rapper with great moments this week. Coming off of a highly anticipated album of their own, the members of Slaughterhouse kept on keeping on, and two of their four members make it to our list this week. In other news, Curren$y tells us who really introduced him to the rap game, and Jadakiss gets an adrenaline rush in an unusual way. Below, the Lines of the Week:

5. “We in the God ceilings, cathedral-style homes/Rosaries in my Rolls Royce, God put me on" — Curren$y, 'Clouds' lyrics
The conflict between God and Mammon is an ongoing theme with many rappers. Here, Curren$y neatly solves the problem Prosperity Gospel-style, by proclaiming that not only is the Big Guy on his side, but is actually directly responsible for his rap success. We're looking forward to the sure-to-be-a-smash collaboration record!

4. “I'm ducking indictments/It ain't about the money — I just love the excitement” — Jadakiss, 'Grand Wizard' lyrics
Leave it to Mr. Raspy himself to share the real reason behind his on-record crime sprees. There must be an easier way to get a thrill, Jada. Perhaps a nice trip to an amusement park? Skydiving?

3. “I'm the check man/I do this shit strictly for the money every day — the love went away with X-Clan” — Royce da 5'9″, 'One for the Money' lyrics
Royce's admission that he hasn't been in love with his art form since the early 90's heyday of black nationalism and Afrocentrism is a profoundly sad one. However, it's tempered by his shout-out to the paragons of those movements, X-Clan, whose first album is an RG favorite.

2. “If I had to write a autobiography/It'd only be one sentence — 'I'm a G'” — Crooked I, 'The Other Side Freestyle' lyrics
Crook's stunning and emotional freestyle has great cumulative impact, but not many punchlines. This one is a doozy, though. Short, attention-getting, and funny — think of it as the Kevin Hart of rap jokes.

1. “Try and put me down like Gaddafi over Lockerbie/I'll lock you in a locker, b/Like Bruce Leroy, like Johnny in a locker, see” — Lupe Fiasco, 'Put Em Up' lyrics
If you're a regular LOTW reader, you know that we're suckers for a good homophone. Leave it to Lupe to bring the best one we've seen in ages — “Lockerbie” (as in Lockerbie, Scotland, the sight of the Pan Am 103 bombing) and “locker, b”. In addition, the Last Dragon reference and the “locker, b”/”locker, see” wordplay vault this easily to the top of our list.

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