Jensen Sportag in Barcelona

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Jensen Sportag

Barcelona is one of the most magical cities you’ll ever visit. The deep blue of sky meeting sea, cyan expanses melt away in the rich light, and sombre features of the Catalan Gothic style that dominates the architecture of the old city. It’s the place where you go to feel like you are really somewhere else, the place you go to feel on time, cuz later is always better. That’s also one of the reasons it’s not for the faint-hearted, but then you know, not many things are.

Jensen Sportag went on their first European trip to play the Lapsus Festival, and we spent three days exploring the city in between the festival. I’d just got a new Instax Mini camera, and here’s a flashback of what went down over a weekend in Barcelona.

Finally, deep thanks and appreciation for the crew of Lapsus Festival: Albert, Itziar, other Albert, Carlos, Alfons. They made our time in Barcelona feel really special. Lapsus is one of the most beautiful, best-organized and vibrant festivals I’ve ever been to. The experience was transcendental, and it’s all because of them. We wish Lapsus many more years, and hope we’ll all meet again very soon.

Shot on an Instax Mini 7 camera, using Instax Mini film (regular + Pandora edition).

Elvis Sportag in front of the Boqueria’s finest hams on display.

The Barcelona Cathedral is the most imposing and resplendent examples of the Catalan Gothic. It’s breath-taking inside, but its exterior embodies a great formal purity where magnificence is expressed through restrain. It really wears each century more beautifully than the last. Here’s Austin Sportag in front of its back facade.

Main entrance arch , Barcelona Cathedral.

Cherry trees in full bloom, CCCB courtyard.

Austin and Elvis Sportag, in front of an medieval-looking wrought iron gate, Gotic.

Rose bushes, Ciutadella Park

The public square of the Biblioteca de Catalunya is somewhere I always find myself each time I’m in Barcelona. It’s calm and peaceful, especially during the golden hours of the day. These orange trees were heavy with fruit and magic when we visited.

The quintessential we’re-in-barcelona-and-it-doesn’t-get-much-better-than-this shot, Austin and Elvis Sportag on the Raval rambla, backed by palm trees.

Quiet daytime break in the CCCB courtyard.

Elvis and Austin Sportag, backstage, pre-show.

Lapsus crew shot: Carlos and Itziar, with Austin and Elvis Sportag.

Family pic: Elvis Sportag, me, and Austin Sportag

Elvis Sportag with Alfons of Lapsus, and Austin Sportag.

Elvis Sportag with Albert Claret of Lapsus, and Austin Sportag.

Last nite in Barcelona, Elvis and Austin Sportag.

Jensen Sportag's Stealth of Days is out now on Cascine.